Inside Voices

Inside Voices Part 1 from Lily Bartenstein on Vimeo.

Inside Voices is a creative Project that I started in the summer of 2014 as a means of creating improvisation based work that focuses on interior narratives to create complex soundworlds. It has since grown to include a sequel: this spring I am premiering Coping Mechanisms with my ensemble, Rhymes With Opera, which features myself, Robert Maril, and Elisabeth Halliday as three improvising singers using personal narratives as the material for an improvisation structure based opera.
For more information about Inside Voices as a concept, or how you can become involved, please contact me! In the meantime please enjoy this video, arranged by Lily Bartenstein, which features material from Part 1 of the first Inside Voices concert, which features myself improvising with a complex track of vocalizations, which rotate in a densely spatialized pattern throughout the black box, inviting the listener to exist inside my own mind.

inside voices section 2 from Bonnie Lander on Vimeo.